The Willful Exchange

We are without excuse because God has revealed himself to all people and we have suppressed the truth. What about the many of those who never heard the gospel or about sin? Don’t they have an excuse? Shouldn’t they? What about us who’ve lived a pretty good life? Paul addresses these questions in Romans 1. We see in the creation God’s divine nature and his attributes. Not only is he the sustainer of all life but he mercifully allowed us to enjoy the things on earth. Yet, we suppress the truth and think that we’re entitled, and by retreating from the light, we willingly put ourselves under God’s wrath. We suppress in our hearts the truth of God and choose the wrath upon us. There are 4 works of suppressing the truth of who God is, willful exchanges. God’s wrath, while yet to be completed presently, stands against every humans suppressive glory exchange. We take the good things of God through us and find our own glory there, rather than seeing them as gifts from God. God lets us have our own glories, giving us over to our sin. We also find new gods, falling in love for the things of this world, some of which are gifts from God, and bow down to them. Our mangled affections and desires are distorted. The completion of loving the things of this world is in loving the things that are precisely like ourselves. Our twisted sexual desires rule in our sun-enslaved hearts. Marriages become no longer about God and his glory, but about our own gains. The fidelity of Jesus is mocked – there is no picture of redemption. In the fourth willful exchange the loves, desires, and misplaced glories seep down into the depths of our minds and God gives them over to a debased mind. Our inverted minds willfully delve into the suffocating oppression of sin. But thanks be to God, there is the fifth exchange, the great exchange of grace! We find in the diving exchange, if our willful exchange of God’s glory for our own contrived glory brought wrath, how much more the willful exchange of his glory for our life brought grace! The truth about our lives is that we are wicked sinners under God’s wrath and our only hope is his grace to rescue us in Jesus Christ and the life giving power of the Spirit. There is one call today: for us to confess and to repent, to turn away from our sin and to run to the cross. How will you respond to this call? You can listen to his message on Roman 1:18-32 by Pastor Joe Sword HERE! Our own Pastor Clete also preached at Mack Ave Community Church continuing in their sermon series in the book of Exodus! Check out his message HERE!

Thank you for those who made PlantMidwest happen this past Monday! If you were not able to attend you can listen to the message by Pastor Joe Sword HERE, and the discussion panel HERE!
Our first Friday of prayer and fasting continues this Friday (02/05/16)! Remember, we will be fasting from 6am – 6pm, and then gathering at the PO (2701 Joy Rd) from 6pm-7pm for an hour of corporate prayer. Prayer topics/requests will be posted throughout the day on our Facebook page


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