Good Ain’t Good Enough

Have you ever been part of a conversation where you are talking about knowing God and someone says something along the lines of, “I know I’m right with God because I’m a pretty good person. Yeah, I’m not perfect but I don’t do THAT like THOSE people”? People playing the comparison game and sprinkling a little Jesus over the religious mix. Apostle Paul specifically addresses this mindset, that one’s goodness is what can make a person right with God. We see in Romans 2 what happens when someone thinks good is good enough. There is hypocrisy. They were unable to see the sin underneath their own sin, actually judging others for the same sins they themselves have committed. One may never have committed adultery, but have thousands of illicit relationships in his or her heart. How many chances did you get? How would you do if you were to stand on the own judgments you made? There is also religious blindness, being blind to our own sin and the coming judgment. This is not just to false religions. We ourselves have blindness in subtle ways. Bad temper for others vs. righteous anger for me? Gossip for others vs. sharing prayer requests for me? Being judgmental to others vs. discerning for me? We are really gifted for not seeing our own sin, but having 20/20 vision for the sins of others. Then there is arrogance. Sometimes people think that some form of God’s kindness in itself makes them right with God. Sometimes people think that if they align themselves with God on a certain position, then they are in right standing with God. One’s alignment on a certain position in itself does not make the person in better standing with God; that is self-righteousness. Lastly, there is growing judgment, sclerosis of the heart which makes us immune to the gospel because we think we’re all good in our goodness.

Why is good not good enough? God will pay you what you earned. To get into the kingdom of God based on our goodness we have to be perfect and flawless, and there is not one who has persisted in doing good. One’s privilege does not shield him from God’s impartial judgment. You can do, and do, and do, and you’ll be done. “Non-religious” people don’t get off the hook for they are just as hypocritical, blind, and arrogant. Accusing and excusing show us that we know right from wrong even without the law. Jesus is the coming judge, to judge all under the law and those without it. Are you ready let go of this falsehood that your goodness is good enough, and actually settle out of court with Jesus? You can listen to this message on Roman 2 by Pastor Mike HERE!


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