God’s got more!

When we are tired and fearful, no matter what kind of mess we are going through, Jesus is still in the boat. Not only when the waves are big, but even when I have doubt that the boat is going to sink, even when the Satan pulls a battleship next to it. We have the spirit of love, power, and a sound mind! Remember, Restore! God’s got more! He promises to give us the land by his power. This is our neighborhood, God’s neighborhood that belongs to his people. God also promises that he will never leave or forsake us and the secret to success is in God’s presence with us, not in the programs or the leadership. So what do we have to do? We must stand up strong for who God is. We must lead, to not be reactive but proactive, to not be the thermometer but the thermostat. He has made us to do amazing things. We must walk in obedience. What are you muttering: the lies of Satan or the truths of God? We must not be terrified or discouraged. God loves your neighbors more than you do. Lastly, we must be all in, having each other’s backs. No matter what happens Jesus is in the boat. What are you chasing after today? What are you waiting for? You can listen to this encouraging message on Joshua 1 by Pastor John Gerhardt HERE!

Thank you to Pastor John Gerhardt and Tre Pennington from Castle Rock Community Church in New Orleans for spending time with us over the weekend! We pray that God continues to use the church family in New Orleans to do the great work for the Kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit!


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