Are you a Jew?

“If you are not a Jew, you will not spend the eternity with God.” What? Yes, this is true. However, what makes us a Jew is not the outward appearance, but the circumcision of the heart by the Spirit. The Jews of Rome thought, and the religious people today think, that they will escape the wrath of God because of who they are, what they know, and what they do. They believed that being God’s chosen people in itself was enough, that their ethnicity was what made them ‘good.’ Similarly, there are those today who believe that belonging to a church body and church attendance in itself makes them disciples of Jesus Christ. However, all of our doing must be done as evident of the inward reality,  that we, the worst of sinners, have received forgiveness through Jesus Christ, the only way to escape the well-deserved wrath of God, which then propels us to live a life in obedience to the will of God. Do our actions match up with what we know and what we say? What is the posture of our hearts? Apart from the Holy Spirit helping us to live it out, we won’t be able to match our words with our actions. As disciples of Christ, are we teachable? What do our actions say about God in our work place? To those who are in our community? What externally are we doing that has not had an inward change on our lives, thinking that it is counted as our own righteousness in order to escape the wrath of God? None of us are perfect outside of the perfection of Jesus, and that is why we need him. You can listen to his message on Romans 2:17-29 by Pastor Clete HERE!


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