Naked and Guilty

 “The king has no clothes on!” goes the memorable line of the famous story. And though we think we are ‘dressed’ quite nicely, that’s what we all are in ourselves, buck-naked spiritually. Romans 3 brings this painful reality to bear on all of us, in devastating court room style, as we see the final appeal of the defense, the final argument of the prosecution, and the final verdict of the judge. First, there is the final appeal of the defense. The Jews, who would disagree with Paul’s statement that all Jews are also naked and found guilty before their maker, are questioning God’s favor, his faithfulness, and his fairness. As the people of God, the Jews have privileges, but the favor is meant to lead to exposure of the truth, not salvation in itself. What is God’s favor, the word of God, doing for you? God’s judgment on the Jews for their unbelief is in keeping with his faithfulness in his covenant. When exposed as an adulterer and murderer, even the great King David appeals to grace, and is reduced to repentance. He does not flee to his position or ethnicity, but he fully owns his guilt and then flees to the grace of God. Does our unrighteousness create a platform for God to flex his righteousness, therefore making it unfair for us to be penalized for making God look good? This faulty line of logic won’t work on that day; God is the potter and we are the clay. All, Jew and Gentile, are naked and guilty. Then, there is the final argument of the prosecution. Was there even one righteous person? All wanted to live by his/her own terms, having no fear of God. Yet, no one is strong enough to come out from under sin. Is Jesus the one and only pilot, or a co-pilot, of your life? Lastly, the final verdict. All of humanity has mumbled against it’s maker, yet there will be many who stand in silent guilt, held accountable to God. BUT NOW! Those who have faith in Jesus Christ are no longer naked and silent, but clothed in his righteousness and given voices to sing his praises in eternity. The true king laid aside his heavenly garb, and went to a cross where he was stripped naked, took on our spiritual nakedness, and kept his silence, not because he was guilty, but to identify with our guilty silence. What does this truth mean to you today? You can listen to his message on Romans 3:1-20 by Pastor Mike HERE!

This Friday (3/4), the first Friday of the month of March, we will be praying and fasting for revival! We will start at 6am and at 6pm we will gather at the PO (2701 Joy Rd Detroit) to pray together, for revival in our families, our churches, and in our cities! May the growling in our stomachs throughout the day lead us to hunger and thirst for the Lord!

On Sunday, Kimberly and Lawrence Williamson shared with us opportunities to get involved with Jobs for Life, a great program through which we can serve and love on our community, especially those who are unemployed and underemployed! Heather Fitzgerald sent out an email with all the details, but if you would like to volunteer or get more information about the program, you can email Kimberly at! 

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