How the Gospel Transforms our Boasting

Does God care about injustice? Of course he does, and his anger against injustice is painted all over the Scriptures! But God first wants to deal with the oppression of sin within us and unless we let him in Jesus deal with the oppression within us, as we deal with the brokenness and injustices out in the world, we will replace them with other forms of oppression and injustice. Why do I want Jesus? There are a lot of wrong reasons people claim Jesus. Some people claim him for riches, turning Jesus into a genie in the bottle. Others want him because they want that man/woman. Some want him just to get out of this ‘fix.’ For political advantage? Just to make them feel better? What is the common denominator? Every one of them is centered on self, leaving room for boasting, the outward expression of inward pride. The gospel is radically all about God. Jesus did not come to puff up our pride, but to transform our boasting into obedience. Then we have this question: What becomes of our boasting? There are 3 reasons why the gospel transforms our boasting. First, God saved us without our help. We did nothing to contribute to our salvation and there will be no snobbery in God’s presence. Second, God saves all kinds of people. God saves the uncircumcised? Ethnic hostility in all of its forms are all annihilated by the gospel and the purpose for the church is to display the reconciling power of God among all people, where there may be former enemies and different people, now loving and serving each other as family. Lastly, God is the one and only one who changes us. Religion enables people to say, “Look what I’m doing to change myself!” On the contrary, the gospel says, “It’s all about the gospel and how God has changed you.”  In Christ, we have experienced resurrection power. The law is not a ladder to climb to get to God, but tracks that give expression to our love for God and for one another. What comes out of our mouth, through our keyboards, and in our life came from our heart. And the good that is displayed by a Christian gives no reason for boasting for the regenerated heart came from God! Have you wanted Jesus for defected reasons? Has the gospel transformed your boasting? You can listen to this message on the end of Romans 3 by Pastor Mike HERE!

We want to invite everyone to our Good Friday service this week (3/25) 6:30 pm at the PO (2701 Joy Rd 48206), where we will remember Jesus’ death on the cross and the hefty price paid for all our sin. Then, when we gather again on Sunday (3/27) at 11:00 am, we will celebrate the resurrection of our Risen King! Please invite family and friends!  
Did you miss our dinner and dialogue on urban apologetics this past Friday? You can listen to the discussion panel and the Q&A session HERE and HERE!

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