He is Risen!

What makes such a gruesome and violent day in history “good”? Pastor Tyler spoke on the crucifixion of Christ and the uniqueness of this event where the sinless was punished and the sinful were set free all at the same time. You can hear this message by Pastor Tyler on why the cross actually matters HERE!

As we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Pastor Mike preached a sermon on God’s glorious plan to rescue his people that only consisted of passages from Scripture. What does that even look like? Without further explaining, you can listen to Pastor Mike beautifully delivering this message on the history of redemption HERE!

How can we claim to be living in this risen Jesus and love on our neighbors as he calls us to without depending on him through prayer? This upcoming Friday (4/1) we will be fasting and praying for exactly that, for our neighborhoods and our neighbors. Please come join in on this day as we fast and pray starting from 6am, and then at 6pm we will gather at the PO (2701 Joy Rd Detroit) to pray together as we seek the Lord for his guidance in how we should be the light in our neighborhoods!

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