Safely Home

Have you ever seen or crossed over a rope bridge? No matter how secure the bridge may seem isn’t there something about it that makes you think twice? After being justified by faith, as a Christian embarks on the rocky journey of sanctification with all the ups and downs, one may face doubt, wondering if he/she is going to make it safely home to glory. Have you ever felt this way? As we walk across the rope bridge starting with justification all the way to glorification, we cross the bridge of sanctification. There is not one Christian that has not walked that bridge, but all have safely made it home because three friends that took their hand and walked them through all the way, and we’re all going to make it! First, because of grace, we will make it safely home. Grace is not a one-and-done incident. Through Christ we have 24/7 access to grace. We have it for the rest of our lives. As we walk in repentance grace helps us trek through the bridge. Also, because of suffering, we will make it safely home. Suffering winnows out the fakers. It costs something to follow Jesus. It also draws true believers closer to the Lord. Suffering met with newly found dependence on Christ brings about endurance, which then leads to proven character, and hope in recognizing that God truly resides in you. When God sends suffering our way, it’s because he loves us! Lastly, because of the cross we will make it safely home. We never got into God kingdom by our merit but His merit. Even when we don’t feel God’s love for us the cross proves his love for us. Whom the Son had set free is free indeed! We will never be unloved by God. When we follow Jesus, there will be suffering. But there is a joy in God that this world cannot offer us because it’s rooted in an everlasting, all everything God.  We might not experience it right now but we will when it matters the most. And if we put our trust in this God, we are called to the new ministry of reconciliation. How is the Lord leading you to partake in this ministry for this upcoming summer? You can listen to this message on Romans 5:1-11 by Pastor Mike HERE!

Flag Football will start NEXT saturday (4/30)! You can still sign up to volunteer! You can contact Pastor Mike at to sign up or for more information!


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