We need a Word

We’ve all heard about the stories about people who have been devastated by hurricanes and tornadoes, despite knowing that it was on its way. Everyone was present but only a few were prepared for what was about to occur. Similarly, we know that things are going to happen, but not prepared for the unexpected storms that are going to come. Life is filled with storms and they may come at the most unpredictable times. So how do we prepare to not be devastated by the storm? The storms will come. The question is not whether or not the storm is coming, but how strong of a foundation we stand on when it does come. In order to survive and thrive, we need more than a roof over our head, clothes on our backs, and food in our mouth. We must be connected to the word of God! What does it mean to be blessed? Not one’s property or possession, but being in intimate relationship with the Creator. No matter what we possess, there is no blessing unless we are connected with God. We must be life long learners of grace. Anybody can seem mature if you pick up on the customs and the culture but it will have nothing to do with your relationship with the Lord. We serve an infinite God and we must stay curious about  His grace, stay connected to His people, and actually read His word rather than books about it. There is pain in doing it our way. Just because something is working for us right now doesn’t mean it’s good; it just hasn’t caught up yet. We cannot stand in the time of judgment if we stick with our own ways. Jesus looked us and says he has made a way for us despite out ungodly and self-centeredness, that he will meet us and not leave us alone. How are you connected to God? You can listen to BJ Thompson speak on the need for being connected to God and His word HERE! You can also listen to him speak at on DISCIPLESHIP in addition to the Q and A SESSION that followed!
First week of Friday prayer and fasting is tomorrow (5/6)! This week we will be praying for the men and biblical manhood, praying and fasting from 6am to 6pm and then gathering at the PO from 6pm-7pm to pray together. Please join us!
Great turn out for the first week of flag football, ya’ll! Stay committed!

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