A Better Master

Having a master is not an option, but who we serve is. We all choose a side every day; there is no spiritual Switzerland, only appearing to be neutral. We serve and worship something, either sin or Christ. We are either dying by sin or experiencing the resurrection life of the Lord Jesus Christ, by being his slave, by presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice. Do you profess to be a Christian but still a slave to your anger? Resentment? Unforgiveness? Passivity? Pride? Lust? Who do you seek to serve every single day? If you’re going to serve someone, why not serve the better master, the one who can break our chains to sin. The good master gave us everything we need in his word. There is no way to live apart from sin apart from the word of God. Are you feeding on God’s word daily? What is the strongest voice in your life? From the word of God or your old master? Just like we submitted our whole being to sin we are to present ourselves to righteousness, and we become to look more like Christ. When we were in sin, we thought we had freedom to live whichever way we wanted to, but we were actually dying, drinking out of broken cisterns. Being a slave to Christ leads to sanctification, and there is nothing on earth like becoming more like Jesus. If we are not looking more like the master, we are not submitting to him. Not only does Jesus the better master, the best master, actually die in our place to pay our debt, he does it to set us free. Why not live for him? Who is your master? You can listen to this message on Romans 6:15-23 by Pastor Tyler HERE!


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