The victory is sure!

Do mature Christians struggle with sin? Yes, there is a newness, excitement, and jubilation for being a reconciled child of God, but after conversion, we still struggle with sin and the struggle is real. Sin constantly pulls on us. It is a life principal just as sure and inescapable as the law of gravity. There is no easy formula, new experience, or walls to completely avoid sin. How many times have you felt that you had complete victory over some sin and the next moment you fell? Sin wages war against us. What makes the spiritual warfare out there so dangerous is the evil in our flesh. The battlefield is everyday and everywhere. We are all in a war! The question is, ‘Are we fighting?’ Sin seeks to re-enslave us. We were set free at salvation, but we sometimes we functionally run back to the prison from which we were set free, making us spiritually incarcerated again in sin. Every small decision we make has big impact for life direction. So what do we do? We must remember our rescue. One day grace is going to complete its promise, but until there is one thing for us to do: fight! Press on! We must fight by applying the gospel, reminding ourselves that we are a new person, in the new kingdom. We have the Holy Spirit in us. The shackles have been broken and we are no longer in bondage. We must fight by knowing that the pull of sin we feel is not the same as the power the sin once had over us. We fight by cultivating a heart of gratitude for God’s grace in our lives. The seeds of sin have a hard time taking root in the soil of a grateful heart. The struggle is real but the victory is sure! You can listen to this message on Romans 7:14-25 by Pastor Mike HERE! Also, if you missed last weeks message on the first half of Romans 7 by Pastor Clete you can listen to his message HERE!


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