Life in the Spirit

Do we try to live the Christian life in our own power? The power for joining the life long battle against sin is found in the Holy Spirit, and there are four ways that we experience the life in the Spirit. We first have been set free to follow the Savior.  God had to take matters into his own hands by sending his own Son, who broke the power sin and paid its penalty. Jesus was condemned for what was condemning us; he became what we are so that we can be what he is. There is no condemnation that he did not bear! The Spirit comes along and opens up hearts, specializing in heart transplant surgeries, ultimately setting us free to see the Savior. We also have a new mindset. What is your mindset? Do you think like the world thinks? Pursing the things of the world? Are you a worldling with a little Christianese sprinkled on top? Where we are going is revealed by how we are living. Yes, we struggle and there are times when it feels as though the Spirit is absent, but when we are in Christ, we are setting our minds on the things of God. Life in the Spirit means we have hope beyond the tomb. We are so secure in Christ that after our bodies give away, we will be one day summoned from the dust of the earth by the power of the Holy Spirit. In the Spirit there is no last day! Lastly, we have sonship in suffering. We have received the spirit of adoption as sons through faith in Jesus Christ, and the Spirit helps us feel our adoption, showing us glimpses our lives in eternity.  Every Christian joins the fight when one is saved and this fight is very hard work. There is real suffering that comes with following Jesus, and this suffering only drives the believer to cling closer to the Father. “Abba! Father!” is a cry of trust when we’re fighting the good fight. Let us fuel up and fire our sin-chopping chainsaws knowing that we have life in the Spirit! You can listen to this message on Romans 8:1-17 by Pastor Mike HERE!

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