Beautifully Broken

God took this valuable treasure of the gospel and put it into broken people with cracks, limitations, and short comings. Why would he do that? To show off himself, to display his infinite power. The power is not in the vessel, but in the potter, the one who deposits the treasure. Our problem is that we rest in our frailties and try to put together our broken prices, rather than looking at our weaknesses and allowing the power of God to press through those broken pieces. When we are weak the power of God is manifested through our lives. God wants to break us and to exhibit our shortcomings so he can use us, so people can see the treasure inside. Have you truly embraced your weakness? Do you hide your brokenness from the people around you? Or do you rest in the sufficiency of God’s grace? We were not promised a life of comfort and prosperity for following Jesus. Serving Christ is difficult. We are to carry the death of Jesus. All the suffering and affliction was part of God’s divine plan to spread his gospel message. The death of Jesus produces life for us, and we were promised an eternal hope in him. He uses broken people to share a living gospel to a dying world. There is a purpose in our suffering and it’s all worth it. This is not our permanent home, so let’s not try so hard to live comfortably here. We are to not lose heart when we suffer for him because we a

re being renewed inside day by day. The eternal weight of glory does not compare to our momentary suffering. Jesus showed us how to suffer and how to resist temptation. He experienced the most devastating suffering for our sins. But because of his resurrection we can endure this light and momentary affliction. You can listen to this message on 2 Corinthians 4:7-18 by Pastor Tyler HERE! Also, if you missed Pastor Mike’s message on the second half of Romans 8 you can listen to it HERE!

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