The Real Deal Jesus

Where is Jesus? It’s quite possible that the real Jesus has been lost in a packed scene of cultural Christianity, of religiosity, of church-y-ness. The real Jesus is not a genie in the bottle. He’s not a deal maker. He’s not a pet issue Jesus. He did not come so that we can use or leverage him for our particular agendas. He came so we would unconditionally fall at his feet.

The real deal Jesus forgives sin. In ourselves we are far more wicked than we can ever imagine. We will not find Jesus until we see yourself as the perpetrators, not the victims. We all have sin, deserving everlasting destruction. BUT GOD  Jesus Christ bore our sins, suffered our curse, and paid our penalty on the cross of Calvary. Jesus loves busted-up, hell-deserving, rebellious sinners like us. Knowing the real Jesus starts with repenting, not negotiating. We must surrender and look to him. He also gives spiritual freedom. We all have a God-shaped hole in our soul. A hole that only God himself can fill. But because of sin we run to other gods to fill the void. The problem is that they don’t work – many sorrows will follow. Momentary fulfillment or satisfaction will lead to long lasting suffering. But Jesus is the only one that can set us free by filling the hole our soul. What sin as become a South Indian monkey trap for you? Lastly, the real deal Jesus bears fruit in us. There are only two categories of fruit: Good fruit and bad fruit. As we abide in Christ his strength and his Spirit works through us to produce good fruit. What kind of fruit are you baring in your life? Where we plant our trees determines everything; our roots determine our fruit. Are you planting next to the land filled with sin? Or the land filled with the water of Christ? As we root ourselves in Christ, he will bear fruit through us, and the fruit we bear reveals the God we are worshiping. Do you know this real deal Jesus? What’s blocking your view of him? You can listen this message by pastor Mike HERE!



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