How to see things RIGHT when everything seems WRONG

Apart from the lens of the gospel, suffering can be the cause of the crisis of faith. Not just the experience of persecution for following Christ, but also just from the suffering from living in a fallen world. The enemy wants to derail us with doubt, steal our joy, and ultimately walk away from the faith, so we need a good prescription when theses difficult times come. We must remember that we are shaped by suffering. We may think that the suffering is wasted, but Scripture  makes it clear that in the purpose of God no suffering is wasted. When you step in to grace with Christ, we get a purpose to be conformed into his image that nobody can take away from us. We can look back at our life and know that the most painful blows were the most shaping blows. God is not threatening us to look more like Jesus, but he promises us that we surely will look more and more like him. When the eternal God said something is done before it’s done, it’s actually done, one day coming forth looking more like Jesus. Do you look more like Jesus today than you did yesterday? How would understanding God’s intent in your suffering change how you respond? We can be secure in our suffering. If God is for us, who can be against us? If he gave Christ his precious son, he’s not going to lose us! Nothing can change what God already said about you in Christ. Are you convinced that God is totally for you, just as much when you are at your worst as when you were at your best, since it was never about you to being with? Even the suffering we experience because of our own sin cannot separate us from God in Christ Jesus! In those things when we feel as though we are the slaughtered sheep we are also the overwhelming conquerers. Are you sure that there is nothing that can take away God’s love for you? You can listen to this message on Romans 8: 28:39 by Pastor Mike HERE!


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