God Chooses

Biblical election is God choosing from the foundation of the world a people that would be his own from every tribe, tongue and nation, choosing not because of us, but in spite of us – Grace. There are a couple of misconceptions when it comes to biblical election. First there is the belief that believing in the doctrine of election will lead to coldness about and indifference for the lost. In Romans 9, Paul is absolutely broken for his fellow Jewish brothers and sisters who reject the Messiah. The brokenness only sharpens his anguish because of the privilege that they have for being the chosen people in the Old Testament. Are you burdened over the lostness of your people, those who don’t know Jesus? For your community? If we are not a burdened church, we are a useless church, but if we are a burdened church, we are a bold church.  The second misconception is that people are puppets on a string if God already knows who he chooses. The gospel must be shared and people must believe. There is a message to share for people to hear. Whatever your view of election, are you sharing the gospel with people? When’s the last time you shared the gospel? It’s not about how good our stories are, but how faithful we are. In Romans 9:6, Paul is responding to the rejection of his people. Jesus is an equal opportunity savior and everyone must come to him in order to be saved. Even among ethnic Israel, the true Israel of God is only those who have been chosen by God. Ethnicity never ultimately was the determining factor whether someone belongs to God, but what you’re going to do with the Messiah. There is clear proof that God chooses. God chose Isaac and not Ishmael. The children of the promise of God are counted as offspring. Also, Jacob was chosen over Essau. Why? He was chosen in order that God’s purpose of election might continue. God cared for Essau but he chose to put is saving love on Jacob. God did not choose us because of our family connections or any morality in us. He chose us in spite of us- Grace. God is the potter and we are the clay. Why does he choose? He chooses because he chooses, and we may not know all things, but we need to know that all he does is grace. The truth that God chooses us kills our chief idol, self- autonomy, encourages the doubtful, disturbs the deluded, fuels faithful mission, intensifies worship, and humbles us and reveals the depth of God’s mercy. What would it look like we we loved people as God loves us? You can listen to this message on Romans 9:1-13 by Pastor Mike HERE


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