The Uncut Truth About Good People

One of the biggest lies believed across the world is that good people go to heaven. So what is the truth? Good people are self-righteous. The Gentiles found righteousness by faith in Jesus whereas the Jews did not because they were trusting in their own righteousness- self- righteousness. They blended their ethnicity, performance, and privilege and they thought that in itself made them to be right with God. Our righteousness is a filthy rag, but faith in Christ says that Christ’s righteousness becomes ours. Good people are self-ruling. Putting our faith in Christ is not just merely confessing with our mouths. We must bend our knees and submit to his righteousness. The only thing we have to fall back on his supreme lordship over us. Behind self-righteousness is a desire to persevere self-rule. You cannot have fellowship with God without surrendering. Good people are not good enough. You will never get right with God unless you abandon all notion that you can contribute to being right with God. Good people are zealously ignorant. Goodness and religion are not man looking for God but rather hiding from God. Good people think they don’t need Jesus. Jesus is the only way. Good evangelism must show people that they are lost before they can be saved. Good people are deeply loved and lavishly invited. The invitation is for all. Repent of finding your righteousness in your good works! There are only two kinds of people. Those who think your good works are sourced in our goodness, and then those who understand that all our good works come from God’s grace and the work of the Spirit in our lives. Which are you? You can listen to this message on 9:30 – 10:4 by Pastor Mike HERE! Also if you missed Pastor Tyler’s message on Romans 9:14-29 you can listen to it HERE!


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