Missionaries sent by a Missionary God

When you hear the word missionary what comes to mind? Do you think of the cults in the neighborhood? Those who leave one nation to go to another to share the gospel? Everybody who knows Jesus is commissioned at salvation as missionary disciple makers. We have the same Holy Spirit that the apostles had. We are equipped, anointed, filled, and empowered by the same Holy Spirit. We must first remember missionary logic. As we saw in Romans 10, there is a linear chain of logic that we must tell in order for someone to be saved. The gospel makes feet beautiful when they carry the gospel to those who have not heard. The gospel is primarily shared by real people in real time. Nothing replaces life-on-life evangelism. We are sent to where we already are. Where we are is our mission field. The gospel must be shared. There is no cookie cutter approach to sharing the gospel. Is my life right now my best answer to the great commission? Do I need a gospel pedicure? We must also remember the missionary realities. While we are optimistic, we must be realistic. Many will hear the gospel and reject it, refusing to repent and submit in obedience to the gospel, and continue to say no to Jesus. We must stand strongly for truth but not self-righteously. People remain lost not because they are not elect, but because they willfully reject the Savior. We must go and tell and people must receive and believe. Lastly, we must remember missionary perseverance. We have to have the same missionary perseverance the Father does, even when we see no fruit. Faithfulness belongs to us and fruitfulness belongs to Him. How do things end up? God is going to have His family. You can listen to this message on Romans 10:14-21 by Pastor Mike HERE!  Also, in this video Pastor Clete shares some structural changes we are prayerfully making to better accomplish our mission of making disciple making disciples as Missionaries sent by a Missionary God in central Detroit. 

If you missed Pastor Clete’s message on works righteousness vs faith righteousness, you can listen to it HERE!

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