From Theology to Doxology

Theology has a purpose: to move us to doxology, to the worship of our heads, our hearts, and our bodies, so that our entire existence is one great offering of worship to our God who sought us, caught us, and bought us. We must worship with our heads and our hearts. What we believe and how we think drives how we feel and how we feel exposes how we really feel. God alone knows everything all the time. He knows all the facts and how to employ all the facts for his purpose. There is no bottom to his riches, wisdom, and knowledge of God. Sometimes we can look at daily headlines and personal heartbreaks and think how in the world can there be any good that comes out of this. We must look to the one that has it all figured out. God has never sought out counsel. The God who only owes us death in Christ chose to give us life. Creation is not just from and sustained God but for God. The story of God is the glory of God! Have you ever lost your composure over God’s glory? Is your knowledge of God growing? Our lives will be one great act of worship. We must prioritize bathing in the word of God and must also repent as God shows us the secret spaces in our lives that we have not given up to him, asking for forgiveness. Doxological living flows out of doxological thinking and feeling. The life lived for God is not motivated by will-power, but by worship! You can listen to this message on Romans 11:33 – 12:2 by Pastor Mike HERE!

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