God who keeps His Promises

In Romans 11, Paul brings himself as an example to the readers that God is not done with his people, how he became a disciple of Christ. Do you feel that you are the only one left at times, seeking to be a light in a world that’s dark? God reminds us that he has not forgotten his people. God’s mighty deeds were done with his people, yet they were unable to see the big picture, blinded because of their disobedience. Are you missing the big picture? Can you see what God is doing in your life? Or are you blinded as the Israelites were blinded? God will not fail you even when things seem bleak around you. God has grafted the Gentiles into God’s chosen people, and we have nothing to boast in for it was only possible through God’s grace and love. God is the one that is great, puts his affections in us, gives us new life and breath, and we often think that we’re the great ones, when we are just to play our part. Don’t get it twisted, Christian! You’re not the great one, he is! Have you wandered away from God? He is waiting to welcome you back in. There is a crown of life coming to those who persevere. That is a promise from God. God will carry you on until the end. Do you believe in God who keeps his promises? You can listen to this message on Romans 11 by Pastor Clete HERE!

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