Living Sacrifice

Paul is at his point of trying to move the people from embracing good theology to doxology. If your Christianity doesn’t change how you do life then your Christianity is nothing because Christianity is not merely subscribing to a set of right doctrines but submitting to a living Savior. How is God after the worship of our bodies so that we would be living sacrifices? Becoming a living sacrifice would be our best life now! Romans12:1-2 provides a training system for growing in Christ. First is motivation – the mercy of God. The driving motion, force, and power to give our life as a living sacrifice back to God is the mercy of God. He has provided for us, gotten us through difficult times, and ultimately gave us tender mercies the cross. The life living as a living sacrifice is fueled by worship. Next is consecration. Consecration is not something done for us but by us. This is a deliberate willful decision we must make personally. We see this in the intentionality in the sacrificial system, which points to the one and only wrath-absorbing, sin-conquering, death-killing sacrifice of Jesus Christ. If we have received this atoning sacrifice, then we are to give ourselves as a living sacrifice. We are to be set apart and Jesus deserves our everything. Then there is transformation. We need to know when to say no and when to say yes. We need to know when to say no to the world. We are being pressed by the world and it’s schemes at all times. Do we wrestle with what to say no to? Are we opened to being challenged by the Spirit? We also need to say yes to the Spirit. God’s plan for transformation is from inside out. As we become more like Jesus the glory of God will be increasingly displayed. He commands us to do things that we cannot do with our own power but he enables to do his work. God wants to show his glory through our lives! Lastly, there is satisfaction. As God is glorified in us, we are most satisfied in him. The will of God is not the safest place to be, but the most satisfying place. This is our best life now! You can listen to this message on Romans 12:1-2 by Pastor Mike HERE!

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