Commission Sunday

It was a bittersweet gathering for us at Restore Church, as we officially commissioned the St. Clair’s and their team to Cornerstone Church in the northwest side of Detroit, but also Charles Bovan officially became one of the elders at Restore. Pastor Tyler gave us a great charge to be bold, to never shrink back from sharing the gospel, to be led by the Holy Spirit, seeking God for clear direction through prayer and fasting, and to be sacrificial for the sake of the gospel. You can listen to his homily HERE!
Pastor Clete then challenged both Pastor Tyler and Pastor Charles to make sure that they cultivate their relationship with God and with their families. You can listen to his encouragement HERE!!
Thirdly, Susan gave a great word of encouragement to Elita and Sarah walking them through the privileges and challenges of being married to a pastor, and how ultimately all the glory goes to God. You can listen to her word HERE!
Lastly, Pastor Mike went through Psalm 117 that puts on blast God’s heart for all people, how it issues a call to all humanity to praise God for his mercy expressed in the gospel. We need to celebrate sending church planters and raising elders up, commit to doing this over and over, and pray for our leaders. You can listen to Pastor Mike’s message HERE!

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