What is apostasy? It is the abandoning of one’s profession, not possession, of faith. One may say that they have faith in Jesus, but the other actually possesses genuine faith in their heart. Those who are saved are forever saved, and there is a big difference between professing and possessing faith in Jesus. We can play the part of a Christian well and fool those around us. We cannot have the reality of a Christian life without the reality of the Christian walk. Those who walk away from Christ show they were empty professors of their lips not real possessors of faith in their hearts. So how does apostasy happen? Unchecked dissatisfaction leads to somebody drifting away from the living God. People hold God to an expectation he never promised and when those expectations are not met, they begin to drift away. There is also doubting which leads to disobedience. We have doubts all the time, but it’s a matter of what we do with the doubt. Do we take it back to the Lord? Or justify our disobedience, and do our own thing? Closing ears leads to a calcified hearts, ignoring the truths of God. There is isolation from those who will say the difficult yet loving things, which leads to deception and which then leads destruction. Lastly, how is it avoided? One must be part of a biblical community. There must be openness, not just being transparent but being willing to speak gracious truth. There must also be accountability. We need each other, and following Christ is a team effort. We together bear the responsibility to follow Christ. We must also obey and submit to leaders. There also needs to be perseverance. Our perseverance does not save us or retains our salvation, but it does reflect that one was saved. There is repentance. We are all going to be dissatisfied with stuff in life, we do have doubt, and close our ears, but in Jesus Christ there is a way out. There is always a way out with grace. We must own our sins and repent. It gets us back on the right path when we fall in the ditches. Lastly we must keep our eyes on Jesus. If we belong to Jesus he will get us safely home. You can listen to this message on apostasy by Pastor Mike HERE!


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