Worship the Lamb!

As Christians, how are we to go about this election season? We are to worship the lamb and not the elephant or the donkey. How do we put the elephant/donkey/any political party above the lamb? We think our party is God’s party. We minimize or cover up sins of one party while blowing up the sins of the “other” party. What do we call putting a political party above the lamb? Idolatry. Jesus is more liberal than the far left and more conservative than the far right. Jesus sides with himself, not a particular party. We are also more at home with people who share our political party than our spiritual family. Are you more excited to meet a stranger that shares your political views than someone who shares your faith? We condemn and label those who vote for the “other” party, while ignoring Scriptures on how we are to treat political leaders. And lastly, we put messianic hope in our candidate, looking at man to do things that only God can do. Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses, some trust in elephants, some trust in donkeys, and some trust in third party candidates, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God! We are not to be like the world and remember that Jesus is the only king to promise and deliver what our hearts really need. So, why should we put the lamb above any political party? Because it’s the flow of all history into eternity. When God saves us he wants to sanctify us, and we increasingly have every part of our lives, including our political views, fall under the lordship of Jesus. Jesus is the center piece of everything. Also, when things are worst Christianity is at its best. We are not to seek persecution but we need to realize that the gospel burns the brightest when context is the darkest. God goals is not our best lives now, not our best country now, but his goal is that people will find their joy and purpose in Jesus for his glory. God laughs at all this foolishness, not because he does not care about the suffering, pain and injustice, but because his kingdom is surely coming, restoring all the chaos in order. Putting the lamb above all allows us to be salt not stamps. It enables us to be a voice of reflection as we engage with the political process. Jesus’ seat is not up for reelection. We should have peace because Jesus continues to reign. Whatever the outcome is, we must remember to honor the office which was established by God, and that the Christians who differ from us with our political views and how we vote are all part of God’s eternal family. Let’s worship the lamb, not the elephant or donkey! You can listen to this message by Pastor Mike HERE!

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