Restore Community COVID-19 update / Stay Connected!

Hey Restore family!

Please take a few minutes to listen to these announcements from Pastor Mike.



He shared a lot of information regarding this period where we are all making changes and adjustments. He mentioned holding our Sunday morning services, and our Wednesday Boiler Room meetings, live online via YouTube. You can subscribe to our Restore Church YouTube channel, or follow that link, every Sunday and Wednesday as we livestream those gatherings.

In addition, Pastor Mike mentioned that we will be working to meet the tangible needs of those in our body who are most vulnerable to serious illness should they contract COVID-19. If you have needs that we can help with (grocery shopping, running errands, doing yard work, etc.), OR if you are able and willing to help out with needs in our body as they arise, please let us know so we can coordinate responses!

Later this week, we’ll be sending out the children’s resources that he referenced, as well as more information regarding the online platform through which our Home Groups will be meeting.

As Pastor Mike said, it is vitally important that we stay connected during this season! Please take advantage of these tools – and others! – to stay connected relationally, even when we must physically remain distant.

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