Restore Gathering June 14th

Hey Restore family! After almost 3 months of not gathering in person for services, we will be gathering again this Sunday, June 14! In order to do so wisely, the elders have some information for you regarding modifications that we are making to the services. Please take a few minutes to watch the video below, and to check out the information below that.

Sign Up to Attend Service

As the elders mentioned, we are limiting the number of people in the PO to 75. However, the sign-up link below only has 60 slots. This is to allow space for someone who may walk in off the street, or who may not be receiving our communications to know how to sign up.

Please use the link below to sign up no later than Saturday, so that we have time to configure the seating for the different households that will be attending, and to accommodate those who will be wearing masks, and those who will not. Please be sure to answer the question about whether or not you will be wearing a mask.


Volunteer Needs

We have some pressing needs for volunteers in the areas below. If you are willing and able to serve in one of these capacities, even just in this transitional period, please let us know as soon as possible!

AV Team: This is our most pressing need! Since we will be continuing to live-stream our services, we need 3 people each week to handle all of the AV needs. So if we can get 10 more volunteers, then each person would only need to serve once a month.

PO Cleaning: we are forming a cleaning team to take care of the weekly cleaning of the PO. This will happen on Sunday mornings at 8am. If we can get at least 4 more volunteers, then each person will be scheduled every other week.

Ushers: with our seating configured to allow households to sit together while maintaining distance from others, and with those groupings divided between “mask” and “non-mask” sections, we could use some more ushers to help people find their right seats! We’ll take as many of y’all as we can get, but ideally we would have 2 each week. Right now we have one volunteer, so the more we get, the more we can space out how often each person serves.


  • Be on time: because we are continuing to live-stream, we want to start promptly at 11am each week. Service will last one hour.
  • Bring your Bible: right now, we will not be using the overhead monitors, so please bring your Bible as the Scripture passage will not be shown on the screens.
  • Bring your own coffee: we will not be serving coffee during this time, but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Bring your mask: if you are planning to wear a mask while we gather, please remember to bring that with you!
  • Children’s ministry: we will not have the nursery or children’s classes happening. Parents, please keep your kids close to you before, during, and after service.
  • If you are sick: Restore family, if you are feeling sick or have recently been sick, please take advantage of the live-stream and stay home so as not to risk spreading any virus or germs.

CDC Guidelines

As Pastor Charles mentioned, we are using the CDC recommended guidelines to help inform decisions about how to mitigate risk as we begin to meet in person again.

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