#NationwideSolemnAssembly #Revelation7_9Now 2015

The purpose of this year’s Solemn Assembly is to focus Restore Church as individuals and as a church family on pursuing the reconciliation of all Peoples through the gospel. As we at Restore Church have an intentional time of fasting and prayer let us remember that what we do this week should not have a […]

DEXTER/JOYRD DGroup! God’s Blessing

God has been so good to Restore Church when he graced our body with Peter and Elisabeth Ashmore. I thank God for a couple who gets the DNA of Restore Church and seek to live this out in everyday life! Last night was the inaugural meeting of the Dexter/JoyRd Discipleship Group! I was encouraged as […]

Exponential Backstage Interview 2012 Church Planting in Detroit and Chicago

Mike and I had the privilege along with other pastors within the EFCA to attend the Exponential Conference in April of 2012 in Orlando Florida.  Unfortunately Mickey Mouse did not show up to the conference which was a little disappointing to say the least.  But, we still had a great time and while we were […]

Gordon Park Clean Up and Sunday Praise Service in the Park

June 16th Restore Church along with friends from the community came together to clean Gordon Park.  This is a small, but beautiful park.  We had our work cut out for us, but with many hands it really did make light work.  Thank you to all who helped with this effort.  Many friends were made and […]

Easter Egg Hunt & Cookout in Central Village

I want to give a quick update on what is happening in the Bontrager house. Around 4 weeks ago we moved to a house on Lawrence Street between Linwood and Dexter roads in the 48206.  We have fallen in love with our neighborhood and have had a great time connecting with so many wonderful people […]

The Story of God Blitz

So in a week we will be doing THE STORY OF GOD in our neighborhood.  We love this story and want others to come and embrace this story with us! Most people have a Bible on their shelf, but unfortunately most people have not cracked open the book in a very long time.  Most could […]

Restore Church has FREE Yard Sale to Bless Detroit, but Recieves a Blessing

Restore Church put on our service project for October this past Sunday (Oct 09 2011). Our goal was to bless our neighborhood by putting on a free yard sale.  I think though we were blessed far beyond the blessing the folks in our neighborhood and surrounding areas received.  So many people came up with tears […]

Summer Sports Outreach in the D

I wanted to give an update on our Saturday summer sports outreach. For those of you who don’t know what we did every Saturday at noon let me explain. We played soccer on an outside tennis court.  We called it indoor soccer outdoors.  Hey, I know, “that don’t make no sense”, but really we did […]

Holiday Kickoff (JULY 4th) Cookout

Well another month has come and gone.  They seem to fly by as we have a blast here in Detroit. Wanted to give a quick update on what is happening with our cookouts. July 1st was the first in our series of cookouts.  As a matter of fact, you are all invited to Mike’s house […]

Restore Church Gets Down & Dirty

This past Sunday (4/17/2011) we sponsored our first service project in our little corner of the world. We have participated in doing projects with other groups, but had a great time heading this one up. I want to thank Ruth Bontrager and Alaina Grojean for all the hours of planning and prep time to pull this off. Thank […]