The God Who Needs No Wingman

A prophetess? Is there a place of leadership for women in the church? As we continued with our sermon series Darkness vs. Light, we saw how Judges 4 and 5 shed light on God’s design for women in leadership. We read about Deborah who was not only a prophetess and a judge but also a faithful […]

What Will You Do When the City Takes Something From You?

As many of you know, the PO got worked over in the middle of August. The fence separating our parking lot from the alley was snipped and “harvested.” Truth be told – I was pretty ticked. My thoughts were along the lines of “Why steal this fence? You guys are only going to get a […]

Feb 26 Lunch at the P.O. REPORT

“Father – I’m so grateful to present this opportunity to the church leaders you have brought here today. Please don’t let me screw it up… Amen.” That was my prayer before heading up to the front. As some of you may know, we hosted church leaders from all over metro Detroit (and some even outside […]