The Wall Falls & 3 are converted

Can Christians have latent racism? Do good people go to heaven? Can God turn the heart of a entire church?        These questions & others are answered in the story of Peter’s “fire up your BBQ” sheet vision in Acts 10. As the wall falls between the jews & gentiles we see 3 […]

Outdoor baptisms at GP & 56 pics

Never hand the mic to a preacher. I wonder if that’s what the synagogue leaders in Antioch of Pisidia thought after they asked Paul if he had anything to say! From his impromptu sermon we looked at 4 great truths about Christianity, all of which are centered on Jesus. Along the way we also learned […]

Yesterday at Mack Ave Church!

As we survey the wondrous cross upon which our Savior died we must also scan the empty tomb from which He arose! That was the theme I hammered yesterday morning because that’s exactly what the early church relentlessly preached. Apostolic preaching majored on the resurrection, does ours? After sprinting through the book of Acts we pulled […]

Election (not the political kind!) gives hope

Why can we have confidence that God can use us to bring people to Christ, as weak as we are & as hard as hearts can be? Because of the truth illustrated in the conversion of Paul – the controversial but biblical doctrine of election. In his conversion we learn that when man’s opposition to […]

Phase 2 Begins

Seeking to reach our neighborhoods for Christ is both exciting & intimidating. Exciting because we know that God is calling us to something much bigger than ourselves and because we see Him moving. Intimidating because there are real challenges – like the racial divide (structures, stereotypes, heart issues, cultures) that has long pervaded our area, […]

Following Jesus just might get your…

Following Jesus just might get your head caved in. Thankfully, probably not! But that’s the story of Stephen, the first Christian Martyr. And in that beautiful act of sacrifice we see that when we are suffering most deeply, we experience Christ’s presence most sweetly. Gripped by the fact Jesus paid it all to save him, […]

gnireffuS – Do we see it right?

Suffering & persecution that comes from seeking to advance the gospel paves the way for the gospel to advance. Ouch! But it’s true…in the early church & still today. That does not mean we should seek suffering – probably not a great idea to start an outreach ministry called jerks for Jesus, “seeking to anger […]

Before & After

Sunday’s worship service had the potential to be the worst of the 4 gatherings we’ve had. Going into the first song, my spirit was not right. I mean, where are all the people who’ve been coming out or who we are walking with during the week, etc, etc, etc. Then Clete, in beautiful pastoral fashion, drew […]

Not because of great preachers but because all God’s kids get His Spirit for Mission

I don’t know that we’ll have the bandwidth to post on every worship service now that we are meeting weekly but since so many of you have been praying I wanted to give a quick glimpse into yesterday’s Easter celebration. Wow, it was a beautiful time! We were honored to have fellow pastor (El Shaddai […]