Adoption! Orphan Sunday at Restore Church

First, I want to say a big “thanks” to Mike and Clete for letting me share some of what God has done in the life of my family. I’ll be honest – I did not expect the Spirit to move in the powerful way he did this Sunday. I was ashamed of myself for doubting […]

Jesus kicks Satan’s butt!

Behind the plexiglass at the counter of the coney island I frequent is a lot I can’t see. Likewise, behind the stuff that you see with your physical eyes in everyday life is a spiritual realm in which a battle is raging. Some people ignore it & others are obsessed with it. Urban missionaries will face […]

11am Sharp & other Restore weekend news

Though it may be a fool’s errand we are going to leverage the extra hour of sleep from the time change to actually start on time this coming Sunday. Doors open at 10am & my coffee man has vouched on his Pingree life that manna will be ready at 10:30. Come early to enjoy fellowship […]