Grace! & 3 baptisms at The PO

Theological liberals distort the gospel by subtraction and theological legalists distort the gospel by addition. The early church was threatened by the former and, as a result, took decisive action in what is known as the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. In addition to learning the true essence of grace from this historic event we […]

Streetside Baptisms Video

Watch these videos of last Sunday’s street side baptisms & be encouraged by these beautiful testimonies of God’s saving grace. Please pray for our upcoming baptismal service, our building search, & wisdom & direction as we look to launch more Dgroups. Sunday we will gather again at 11AM at Gordon Park for outdoor worship. We will be […]

Outdoor baptisms at GP & 56 pics

Never hand the mic to a preacher. I wonder if that’s what the synagogue leaders in Antioch of Pisidia thought after they asked Paul if he had anything to say! From his impromptu sermon we looked at 4 great truths about Christianity, all of which are centered on Jesus. Along the way we also learned […]

The Jesus of Revelation, Gordon Park

One of our biggest needs – as individuals & as a church – is to have a big view of Jesus. Yet everything around us conspires to shrink Him into a pre 1960’s flannel-graph hippie pacifist. That’s hardly the picture we see in Revelation. He is a glorious king, present leader, victorious lamb, conquering warrior, […]

84 second sermon/worship jam from Sunday

Step into last weekend’s worship service at Gordon Park for a moment via this video put together by my friend Befkadu. Thanks Bef for surprising us with this, and doing such a great job, especially considering you had me to work with! It’s been a great week with the BUMP & FBT mission teams in our […]