The parking brake!

Yep, my first car was a Vette…ok, a Chevette. Driving home one night I noticed it was running more sluggish than usual. Climbing a hill was particularly difficult even with the gas pedal pegged. Then I realized I had my parking break on — I had been working against the very progress I was seeking. […]

“Sign your burial form”

When David Sitton (barely 20 years old!) arrived in Papua New Guinea with just a suitcase, surfboard, & Bible, the veteran missionary leading his first patrol into the bush slid him a burial form to sign in case he died on that mission. Pretty alarming as you can imagine! But Sitton embraced the possibility of […]

“Filling up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions” – what!?

Admit it. At first blush this phrase in Colossians 1:24 is alarming…I mean, didn’t Jesus pay it all on the cross? Yes! The clear & constant teaching of the Bible, let alone Colossians itself, is that Jesus left nothing undone in His life, death, & resurrection. He is fully sufficient to save all who believe! […]

Jesus has really big biceps & a huge heart

Sunday about 45 people gathered at the Bontrager home for worship (I’m starting to wonder if we can build a balcony in their living room!). In message 2 in our Colossians series we looked at the supremacy & sufficiency of Jesus. You can check out the sermon & some pics below.

How do you pursue Jesus?

Sunday morning we began a series in one of my favorite books of the Bible, Colossians. Those early believers in Colossae were being told that while Jesus was great they needed something more. No doubt the struggles of life were validating this false teaching. They are not alone. Every time we think “IF ONLY I […]