#NationwideSolemnAssembly #Revelation7_9Now 2015

The purpose of this year’s Solemn Assembly is to focus Restore Church as individuals and as a church family on pursuing the reconciliation of all Peoples through the gospel. As we at Restore Church have an intentional time of fasting and prayer let us remember that what we do this week should not have a […]

The Bishop of Baltimore brings it in Detroit

If you care about reaching your city, your time will not be wasted in watching this message by Michael Crawford of Freedom Church in Baltimore. If I had a bishop, it would be Mike! I love this brother’s gospel fueled passion for making disciples in the urban core. Something really special went down this weekend! […]

State of the Church Address 2012

For a strong shot of what Restore is about, what God has done, & where are we going, check out Sunday’s state of the church address. In yesterday’s sunny but blustery weather at Gordon Park, Clete & I had a blast sharing our DNA, telling the story of God’s grace at Restore this far, & […]

Revelation 7:9-10

Once again the Lord gave us beautiful weather as we worshiped outdoors at Gordon Park. After a great time of singing lead by a guest mission team from First Presbyterian of Trenton I spoke from the passage that is not just inked on my forearm, it is engraved on my heart.  Revelation 7:9-10 informs us […]

Restore’s Next Step(s)!

“Don’t fight the churchified context, leverage it for mission.” This was a big takeaway from the recent urban ministry roundtable in Philly. That statement solidified what God has been teaching us in our 15 months in central Detroit. Sunday is “religious space” that should be leveraged for mission…if you have gathered enough people who understand […]

The parking brake!

Yep, my first car was a Vette…ok, a Chevette. Driving home one night I noticed it was running more sluggish than usual. Climbing a hill was particularly difficult even with the gas pedal pegged. Then I realized I had my parking break on — I had been working against the very progress I was seeking. […]

I’m all in!

As Christians we have the tendency to wax eloquent about the great commission but actually not do jack squat about it (I’ll own this for myself anyway). Or to put it a bit more mildly, we sometimes have a hard time converting our talking about making disciples into actually making disciples. So to help us […]

Restore Church Gets Down & Dirty

This past Sunday (4/17/2011) we sponsored our first service project in our little corner of the world. We have participated in doing projects with other groups, but had a great time heading this one up. I want to thank Ruth Bontrager and Alaina Grojean for all the hours of planning and prep time to pull this off. Thank […]

everyday stuff for everyday people for everyday Jesus telling

We have held 3 low key Friday night vision gatherings covering Restore’s DNA – the gospel message, the gospel motivation, & the gospel methods. I was particularly pumped about our last meeting because I was able to sport a vintage Barry Sanders jersey I found that afternoon at Russell Bazaar for just $5;) The Big […]

Video: Jesus builds His Church His way through average people like us!

To show & tell the gospel in 48202 in order to make disciple-making disciples – that’s what we are about at Restore. Of critical importance, then, is our understanding of the church. Namely, what is the church & how is it to function? One of the contributing influences in answering this question from Scripture has […]