ONE series kickoff: Imago Dei, & an amazing day!

“These premises shall not be occupied by a negro or colored person” reads the original deed to our building. Our history as a nation is drenched in racism and every one of our stories, whether you realize or not, has been shaped by racism. Yesterday, we began our ONE series by looking at how the […]

Revelation 7:9-10

Once again the Lord gave us beautiful weather as we worshiped outdoors at Gordon Park. After a great time of singing lead by a guest mission team from First Presbyterian of Trenton I spoke from the passage that is not just inked on my forearm, it is engraved on my heart.  Revelation 7:9-10 informs us […]

Gordon Park Clean Up and Sunday Praise Service in the Park

June 16th Restore Church along with friends from the community came together to clean Gordon Park.  This is a small, but beautiful park.  We had our work cut out for us, but with many hands it really did make light work.  Thank you to all who helped with this effort.  Many friends were made and […]

Park Clean-up & Praise Service at site that ignited 1967 Detroit Riots

Since moving into central Detroit in the fall of 2010 I have learned from my neighbors a great deal more about this city I deeply love. On a jog just a few days ago I spoke to a gentleman (I needed a break!) who pulled out a collection of pictures of what 12th Street (now […]