From Work Party to Dance Party, Restore crew goes postal

Ok, like I said, I gotta get the cheesy lines out of my system! But I am so proud of how hard the Restore crew worked Tuesday night at the post office. Wow!!  A wall on the second floor was knocked down (expanding our interim worship space), a large wall on the first floor is […]

State of the Church Address 2012

For a strong shot of what Restore is about, what God has done, & where are we going, check out Sunday’s state of the church address. In yesterday’s sunny but blustery weather at Gordon Park, Clete & I had a blast sharing our DNA, telling the story of God’s grace at Restore this far, & […]

The Jesus of Revelation, Gordon Park

One of our biggest needs – as individuals & as a church – is to have a big view of Jesus. Yet everything around us conspires to shrink Him into a pre 1960’s flannel-graph hippie pacifist. That’s hardly the picture we see in Revelation. He is a glorious king, present leader, victorious lamb, conquering warrior, […]

The Father’s Plea, Gordon Park

Middle-fingered open rebellion was the younger brother’s deal. Rebellion camouflaged in religion was the older brother’s MO. As we saw yesterday, God lavishly extends mercy to both forms of lostness. And we also saw from Luke 15 that those who champion conversion should be known for celebration. In this service Jim Essian shared how Paradox […]

Guest Blog by new Dgroup apprentice leaders, Austin & Stardust

Here’s a raw, real, & deeply encouraging peek into what God did this week in one of our Discipleship Groups. D-group this week was amazing. Could anything centered around the holiness of God not be? Actually, I had set my sights low and was not expecting much from the meeting. Since we had served in […]

Not because of great preachers but because all God’s kids get His Spirit for Mission

I don’t know that we’ll have the bandwidth to post on every worship service now that we are meeting weekly but since so many of you have been praying I wanted to give a quick glimpse into yesterday’s Easter celebration. Wow, it was a beautiful time! We were honored to have fellow pastor (El Shaddai […]

Guest Blog by new D-group apprentice leader

Last week we kicked off our two new Disciple Groups! In this blogpost, Paul Hendrix, who is serving as a D-group apprentice leader along with his wife Annabelle, reflects on the first meal & meeting of the Boston-Edison Neighborhood D-group. After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could […]