A great weekend with Alvin & 4th Dgroup launched!

Between Alvin Sanders teaching Saturday night and preaching Sunday morning and then launching our 4th Dgroup it was a great weekend at Restore! In the Saturday night session Alvin shared the good, bad, & ugly of his experience planting a church in inner city Cincinnati. You can listen in on that interactive session here (your […]

Saturday Canvassing for NWS

Saturday from noon to 2pm we are canvassing our neighborhood for Sunday’s Neighborhood Welcome Service. We’ll meet at The PO at 11:45AM. We have a few thousand flyers to deliver so we’d love your help! Friday night 7:30PM the men will gather at The PO for Monthly Manhood Academy, as Christ follower & firefighter Randy […]

11am Sharp & other Restore weekend news

Though it may be a fool’s errand we are going to leverage the extra hour of sleep from the time change to actually start on time this coming Sunday. Doors open at 10am & my coffee man has vouched on his Pingree life that manna will be ready at 10:30. Come early to enjoy fellowship […]