Neighborhood Welcome Service

Clete opened up Sunday’s Neighborhood Welcome Service by saying that if anything good was going down in Restore it was only because of God’s grace. Truth! We’ll take credit for the other stuff;) It was sweet to celebrate with our family and neighbors what God is doing. In the message I shared the four pillars […]

State of the Church Address 2012

For a strong shot of what Restore is about, what God has done, & where are we going, check out Sunday’s state of the church address. In yesterday’s sunny but blustery weather at Gordon Park, Clete & I had a blast sharing our DNA, telling the story of God’s grace at Restore this far, & […]

The Gospel is Unstoppable

Step into mission & the difficulties will come – relational problems, plans that don’t go quite right, closed hearts, demonic opposition, & persecution. The early church experienced these challenges as well, as we saw Sunday at Gordon Park in Acts 15 & 16. Thankfully they experienced what is true to this day, the gospel is unstoppable! […]

The Wall Falls & 3 are converted

Can Christians have latent racism? Do good people go to heaven? Can God turn the heart of a entire church?        These questions & others are answered in the story of Peter’s “fire up your BBQ” sheet vision in Acts 10. As the wall falls between the jews & gentiles we see 3 […]

Streetside Baptisms Video

Watch these videos of last Sunday’s street side baptisms & be encouraged by these beautiful testimonies of God’s saving grace. Please pray for our upcoming baptismal service, our building search, & wisdom & direction as we look to launch more Dgroups. Sunday we will gather again at 11AM at Gordon Park for outdoor worship. We will be […]

Outdoor baptisms at GP & 56 pics

Never hand the mic to a preacher. I wonder if that’s what the synagogue leaders in Antioch of Pisidia thought after they asked Paul if he had anything to say! From his impromptu sermon we looked at 4 great truths about Christianity, all of which are centered on Jesus. Along the way we also learned […]

The Jesus of Revelation, Gordon Park

One of our biggest needs – as individuals & as a church – is to have a big view of Jesus. Yet everything around us conspires to shrink Him into a pre 1960’s flannel-graph hippie pacifist. That’s hardly the picture we see in Revelation. He is a glorious king, present leader, victorious lamb, conquering warrior, […]

Satan’s Knockoffs, Gordon Park

Knockoff. “An imitation, a fake.” And the better the knockoff, the harder to detect, sometimes until it is too late. In this 3rd message in our Spiritual Warfare series we examine how Satan employs knockoff teachers, “Christians”, & community to destroy non-Christians & mess with Christians. The video stopped after the first point but my […]