Spoken Word: “Sin Sickness”

In our new Bo-Ed Discipleship Group we are covering our Gospel Identities of Family, Servant, Learner, & Missionary. Last night we looked at our Servant Identity. New D-group member, Matt G, shared a spoken word that powerfully paints the picture of being slaves to sin and points us to Jesus as the One who frees […]

THE Story round 7: “soma”

The early church. Beautiful things. Broken things. Encouraging words. Convicting words. The fruit of the Spirit. The works of the flesh. That’s what we looked at in session 7, Soma (body) Life. In some lively discussion we address the questions of whether someone can be a Christian and yet not experience change, what happens when […]

THE Story round six

“Just live it up!” That was one of the answers to the question of how we make disciples. The person actually meant to say, “Just live it (your faith in Christ) out”, but in a way it does describe how we are to make disciples. Live it up–remember your new identity (Col 3:1-4). Live it […]

A Glimpse into Restore’s Jan 15 Celebration

Wow, Sunday was a great day! Jesus was lifted up & the Spirit moved as we celebrated the power of the gospel to reconcile people back to the Father & to one another. The children & teens did a great job reciting Dr. King’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail, Wayne Stapleton of Grace Community Church […]

OUCH! When Helping Hurts

Giving a buck to the guy on the corner. Blanketing a neighborhood with an ongoing cadence of quick hit mission teams. Constantly providing meals to the same people for years. To be sure all this is help…but often it is help that ultimately hurts. It’s like giving Tylenol for head pain to someone who has […]

Restore Church has FREE Yard Sale to Bless Detroit, but Recieves a Blessing

Restore Church put on our service project for October this past Sunday (Oct 09 2011). Our goal was to bless our neighborhood by putting on a free yard sale.  I think though we were blessed far beyond the blessing the folks in our neighborhood and surrounding areas received.  So many people came up with tears […]

“Sign your burial form”

When David Sitton (barely 20 years old!) arrived in Papua New Guinea with just a suitcase, surfboard, & Bible, the veteran missionary leading his first patrol into the bush slid him a burial form to sign in case he died on that mission. Pretty alarming as you can imagine! But Sitton embraced the possibility of […]

Jesus has really big biceps & a huge heart

Sunday about 45 people gathered at the Bontrager home for worship (I’m starting to wonder if we can build a balcony in their living room!). In message 2 in our Colossians series we looked at the supremacy & sufficiency of Jesus. You can check out the sermon & some pics below.

Restore Church Gets Down & Dirty

This past Sunday (4/17/2011) we sponsored our first service project in our little corner of the world. We have participated in doing projects with other groups, but had a great time heading this one up. I want to thank Ruth Bontrager and Alaina Grojean for all the hours of planning and prep time to pull this off. Thank […]

Apostle Paul- The Ultimate Supermodel?

When you think about the life of Paul, usually the thought of him being a supermodel doesn’t find its way into your mind. But, examine his life.  He was the ultimate model of Christ Jesus or you could say he reached SUPERMODEL status.  Of course the ULTIMATE MODEL for us is Jesus Christ. Paul wants […]