The 32/6 Initiative

“When is your launch date?” That is a question we hear frequently. Certainly it is a fair question & a good question. And no doubt the approach of planning for & advertising a big launch service has worked in some contexts. As one who loves to preach & looks forward to regularly preaching again this […]


In this video I share some brief thoughts on another missional implication, contextualization. This topic has received much attention in recent years, often more in the way of rhetoric & tradition, rather than reality & Scripture.

“This is the last time you’re going to church”

In this video I share a second implication of the missional church. Not because of any contemporary fads but because of the ancient text of Scripture the church rightly understood is not a time & place but the people of God empowered by the Spirit of God to make known the Son of God to […]

Every Believer a Missionary

In this video Mike shares the first implication of being a missional church (every believer is a missionary) & two things that means for leaders.

I Know Who I Am

Chorus: I know who I am I know who I am I know who I am I am yours I am yours (2x) And you are mine Jesus you are mine You are mine Jesus you are mine I was running, and you found me I was blind, and you gave me sight You put […]