7 babies dedicated & 6 directions the Holy Spirit sends us

Yesterday we had the joy of dedicating 7 babies to the Lord (& 6 couples & an entire church fam to the mission of making them disciple making disciples)! What a huge joy & privilege! We also prayed for Nick Lee, our first intern, as he returns to Gordon Conwell for his last year of […]

Wanna be drenched in God’s love?

Between the ditches of dead intellectualism & empty emotionalism is an authentic experience of knowing AND feeling God’s love for us in the Gospel. Check out this message if you want to know how the Holy Spirit positionally and personally drenches us with the Father’s love through Jesus. You’ll also hear about the incredible union […]

God in us!

One of the most mind-blowing truths for a Christian, and one that has helped sustain me even this week, is that God the Holy Spirit indwells us! The God of the universe inside us! And the way it happened, given the petrified state of our hearts outside of grace, tells us that the Holy Spirit […]