A War, Winner, & Walk + A tearful farewell!

If you’ve ever read Galatians 5:17, you know them’s fighting words. We are in a War. We don’t stand on the sidelines, but neither do we fight on our own. No! Through the Ultimate Winner we are to Walk in the Spirit. That’s a nice little phrase, but do you ever wonder what exactly that […]

The Transformative Power of Killing & Intoxication

Sanctification is not a spectator sport. We are called to get off the bench and pursue transformation. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit does the heavy lifting as we are increasingly changed into the image of Christ. Check out God Changing Us (Part 1) in our WHO IS HE? series to see how the Holy Spirit transforms […]

God in us!

One of the most mind-blowing truths for a Christian, and one that has helped sustain me even this week, is that God the Holy Spirit indwells us! The God of the universe inside us! And the way it happened, given the petrified state of our hearts outside of grace, tells us that the Holy Spirit […]

Holy Spirit series kick off!

It was a blast kicking off our new series on the Holy Spirit yesterday! In this message I give four reasons why we need this series. To avoid unbiblical extremes of strange fire & no fire. To be biblical – reformed & always being reformed. To pursue gospel-centrality – being Jesus-centered versus Spirit-led is a […]

Clete on The Trinity, B’More Trip

Clete killed a difficult but foundational doctrine in Sunday’s sermon, the Trinity. Great message! He sounds like a seminary professor, except with a bit more energy;) Check out his high speed diagrams & message below (The last part is missing due to technical error). He laid a great foundation for our Holy Spirit series which […]