The Bishop of Baltimore brings it in Detroit

If you care about reaching your city, your time will not be wasted in watching this message by Michael Crawford of Freedom Church in Baltimore. If I had a bishop, it would be Mike! I love this brother’s gospel fueled passion for making disciples in the urban core. Something really special went down this weekend! […]

Jesus kicks Satan’s butt!

Behind the plexiglass at the counter of the coney island I frequent is a lot I can’t see. Likewise, behind the stuff that you see with your physical eyes in everyday life is a spiritual realm in which a battle is raging. Some people ignore it & others are obsessed with it. Urban missionaries will face […]

Restore crew hits Philly

This past weekend 14 of us loaded into a 15 passenger van and headed down to Philadelphia for the Thriving Conference. We had a pretty smooth drive down except for an improperly executed New Jersey jug-handle turn (great job Clete!) that got us pulled over. The officer kindly reminded Clete, “you’re not in Michigan anymore!”. […]