Easter Sunday at The PO – 1 year anniversary of weekly worship services

Blown away. That’s how we feel about what God is doing by His grace for His glory at Restore Church in our community. Though we forgot to announce it (imagine that!), yesterday marked our one year anniversary of weekly worship services. No doubt due to the Easter surge, it was nonetheless fun, exciting & encouraging […]

Downstairs Worship & Spoken Word

Thanks Mosaic team for making Sunday’s first worship service downstairs at The PO a reality! (And for a great week and many new relationships!) Worship began with a powerful spoken word on “The Cup” by one of our own, Matt Golden. You can check it out below. Worthwhile! Later we looked at what drinking the […]

Your Broken Life Now (& a weekend trifecta)

Your broken life now is your best life, now and forever. So what does the broken life look like? Find out from a woman who gave her costliest for the Lord, because she knew He would give His costliest for her. You can watch below. In addition to lots of stuff going on during the […]

From Ticker Tape Parade to Lynch Mob

Angry preacher. I was a little bit of that Sunday. Watch & you will know why. The prosperity gospel hurts people & dishonors God. Oh yeah, and we all have some prosperity gospel in us. There’s suburban versions & urban versions. We have all wanted Jesus for the wrong reasons. That’s why 5 days later, […]