7 babies dedicated & 6 directions the Holy Spirit sends us

Yesterday we had the joy of dedicating 7 babies to the Lord (& 6 couples & an entire church fam to the mission of making them disciple making disciples)! What a huge joy & privilege! We also prayed for Nick Lee, our first intern, as he returns to Gordon Conwell for his last year of […]

A War, Winner, & Walk + A tearful farewell!

If you’ve ever read Galatians 5:17, you know them’s fighting words. We are in a War. We don’t stand on the sidelines, but neither do we fight on our own. No! Through the Ultimate Winner we are to Walk in the Spirit. That’s a nice little phrase, but do you ever wonder what exactly that […]

Love, Hate, & Embrace

Listen here for a strong pastoral word on true love as Pastor Clete preaches on Love, Hate, & Embrace. If you are going to love, you have to be a hater! And biblical love is a verb, it is deliberate action that flows from a heart gripped by grace. What a needful message in an […]

Wanna be drenched in God’s love?

Between the ditches of dead intellectualism & empty emotionalism is an authentic experience of knowing AND feeling God’s love for us in the Gospel. Check out this message if you want to know how the Holy Spirit positionally and personally drenches us with the Father’s love through Jesus. You’ll also hear about the incredible union […]

God in us!

One of the most mind-blowing truths for a Christian, and one that has helped sustain me even this week, is that God the Holy Spirit indwells us! The God of the universe inside us! And the way it happened, given the petrified state of our hearts outside of grace, tells us that the Holy Spirit […]

Clete on The Trinity, B’More Trip

Clete killed a difficult but foundational doctrine in Sunday’s sermon, the Trinity. Great message! He sounds like a seminary professor, except with a bit more energy;) Check out his high speed diagrams & message below (The last part is missing due to technical error). He laid a great foundation for our Holy Spirit series which […]

Your Broken Life Now (& a weekend trifecta)

Your broken life now is your best life, now and forever. So what does the broken life look like? Find out from a woman who gave her costliest for the Lord, because she knew He would give His costliest for her. You can watch below. In addition to lots of stuff going on during the […]

The Bishop of Baltimore brings it in Detroit

If you care about reaching your city, your time will not be wasted in watching this message by Michael Crawford of Freedom Church in Baltimore. If I had a bishop, it would be Mike! I love this brother’s gospel fueled passion for making disciples in the urban core. Something really special went down this weekend! […]

ONE Series: Wrecking Ball or Cotton Ball Gospel?

The common portrayals of Jesus as a white man or a black man reveals the cultural captivity of the gospel. Such cotton ball gospels reinforce and build up the walls of ethnic separation. The wrecking ball gospel drops these walls by showing God’s love for all ethnicities, uniting enemies into one body, making Jesus our […]

ONE series kickoff: Imago Dei, & an amazing day!

“These premises shall not be occupied by a negro or colored person” reads the original deed to our building. Our history as a nation is drenched in racism and every one of our stories, whether you realize or not, has been shaped by racism. Yesterday, we began our ONE series by looking at how the […]