The Bishop of Baltimore brings it in Detroit

If you care about reaching your city, your time will not be wasted in watching this message by Michael Crawford of Freedom Church in Baltimore. If I had a bishop, it would be Mike! I love this brother’s gospel fueled passion for making disciples in the urban core. Something really special went down this weekend! […]

ONE Series: Wrecking Ball or Cotton Ball Gospel?

The common portrayals of Jesus as a white man or a black man reveals the cultural captivity of the gospel. Such cotton ball gospels reinforce and build up the walls of ethnic separation. The wrecking ball gospel drops these walls by showing God’s love for all ethnicities, uniting enemies into one body, making Jesus our […]

ONE series kickoff: Imago Dei, & an amazing day!

“These premises shall not be occupied by a negro or colored person” reads the original deed to our building. Our history as a nation is drenched in racism and every one of our stories, whether you realize or not, has been shaped by racism. Yesterday, we began our ONE series by looking at how the […]

Real Faith – the story of zeroes who became heroes

How can a dude who got wasted, another guy who was OK with people sleeping with his wife to save his neck, a murderer, an adulterer, a prostitute, a scoffer, and on and on and on, be commended for their faith? That’s the story of Hebrews 11. So how?! Through the True Hero who turns […]

Cagefighting (& canvassing)

Sunday we kicked off our DNA crews by looking at Ultimate Fighting – the battle against unbelief. Here the stakes are far higher than broken noses and concussions! In Hebrews 3 & 4 there are 4 vital truths that we must hold onto as we move through the octagon of life. Thankfully God sent – […]

Clete’s last stand (of 2012)

Sunday Clete closed out 2012 with a strong word from Hebrews 2. Jesus is a Superior Man. Jesus has a Superior Message. So LISTEN. And DO! That’s right we are to DO – to PURSUE God hard. Clete shared a quote that is worth contemplating as we move into this new year. “People do not […]

Restore’s First Christmas at the PO!

Resumes often describe jobs in funny & (just occasionally;) exaggerated ways. Do you know what an Urban High Pressure Renumeration Engineer is? A mugger! However, there is one resume that is completely factual – Christ’s from Hebrews 1. What makes His birth so special is who He has everlastingly been long before he ever hit […]

Christ’s Eternal Resume (& an exciting birth announcement in the Restore Fam!)

What makes the  birth of Jesus so special is who He has always been long before he ever hit the swaddling clothes. And getting a bigger view of Jesus is what carries the day when tragedy hits us and we are tempted to tap out and turn back. In Hebrews 1 we are taken to […]

Neighborhood Welcome Service

Clete opened up Sunday’s Neighborhood Welcome Service by saying that if anything good was going down in Restore it was only because of God’s grace. Truth! We’ll take credit for the other stuff;) It was sweet to celebrate with our family and neighbors what God is doing. In the message I shared the four pillars […]

Acts 29

Acts 29! While I love my church planting network, I’m actually referring to this age in which Jesus continues to build His church. In the concluding message to our series through the book of Acts we see 3 reasons why The Unstoppable Advance Continues. The Gospel is for all peoples! Busting out of the cocoon […]