To Rome!

Yesterday Clete preached a strong message on suffering & the advance of the gospel from Paul’s journey to Rome in Acts 21-28. Real talk from a guy who has been through some stuff himself! Clete ended the message with a quote from Anna Spafford (wife of the guy who wrote It Is Well With My […]

The verse that rocked my ministerial life

Three & a half years ago Acts 20:24 rocked my ministerial life. Yesterday I had the joy of preaching on this text & Paul’s goodbye speech to the Ephesian elders. Church leadership, living out the faith, & more is covered in this passage.    You can check out the message below. Early last week, Clete […]

Yellow Paint & No Fear

With all our talk about having a church facility that does not look “effeminized”, the paint in the upper room at The PO looks like something from a women’s restroom (yellowish, & not even the Michigan kind). Kind of funny! #firstworldproblems No worries, at Tuesday night’s work party we’ll get a tanner second coat on […]

Being an Urban Missionary (& an upcoming opportunity to serve)

How do I reach people around me? That’s the cry somewhere in the heart of every person who has been rescued by Christ! Paul’s interaction in Athens in Acts 17 is not a recipe but it does gives us 4 basic principles on how to live out our missionary identity, whether you live in the […]

Grace! & 3 baptisms at The PO

Theological liberals distort the gospel by subtraction and theological legalists distort the gospel by addition. The early church was threatened by the former and, as a result, took decisive action in what is known as the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. In addition to learning the true essence of grace from this historic event we […]

Exodus 33:18 & a gutted kitchen

After a trifecta of crime last week (the house we are buying was broken into, I “interrupted” a second invasion, the window of our Suburban was shattered – getting it fixed as I write) I really needed Sunday’s worship service. And man was it sweet to gather with my Restore fam & praise our King! […]

Restore’s first Sunday at the Post Office!

Just two weeks ago we had no idea where we would gather for Sunday services. Yesterday we worshiped in the “upper room” of a Post Office we now own! To hear the amazing story of how all this happened check out the video below. (You can listen here.) The best part of the service was […]

State of the Church Address 2012

For a strong shot of what Restore is about, what God has done, & where are we going, check out Sunday’s state of the church address. In yesterday’s sunny but blustery weather at Gordon Park, Clete & I had a blast sharing our DNA, telling the story of God’s grace at Restore this far, & […]

The Gospel is Unstoppable

Step into mission & the difficulties will come – relational problems, plans that don’t go quite right, closed hearts, demonic opposition, & persecution. The early church experienced these challenges as well, as we saw Sunday at Gordon Park in Acts 15 & 16. Thankfully they experienced what is true to this day, the gospel is unstoppable! […]

The Wall Falls & 3 are converted

Can Christians have latent racism? Do good people go to heaven? Can God turn the heart of a entire church?        These questions & others are answered in the story of Peter’s “fire up your BBQ” sheet vision in Acts 10. As the wall falls between the jews & gentiles we see 3 […]