The Father’s Plea, Gordon Park

Middle-fingered open rebellion was the younger brother’s deal. Rebellion camouflaged in religion was the older brother’s MO. As we saw yesterday, God lavishly extends mercy to both forms of lostness. And we also saw from Luke 15 that those who champion conversion should be known for celebration. In this service Jim Essian shared how Paradox […]

Crash Worship Location (& other things)

Sunday we have two special guests with us at Restore. First, Jim Essian of Paradox Church (Fort Worth, TX) will share his vision for church planting & how his church came to support Restore. Jim is the one who did last summer’s interview, What’s a white dude the wrong side of 40 doing planting a […]

The Father’s Kiss, Gordon Park

The streak is alive – once again the weather cleared just in time for our worship service at Gordon Park. Praise to Him who controls the winds & the rains! We had a sweet time as we looked at the younger brother’s open rebellion in Luke 15. Next Sunday we look at the older brother’s […]