Gordon Park Clean Up and Sunday Praise Service in the Park

June 16th Restore Church along with friends from the community came together to clean Gordon Park.  This is a small, but beautiful park.  We had our work cut out for us, but with many hands it really did make light work.  Thank you to all who helped with this effort.  Many friends were made and […]

Park Clean-up & Praise Service at site that ignited 1967 Detroit Riots

Since moving into central Detroit in the fall of 2010 I have learned from my neighbors a great deal more about this city I deeply love. On a jog just a few days ago I spoke to a gentleman (I needed a break!) who pulled out a collection of pictures of what 12th Street (now […]

THE Story round three! (& a quick hit to Philly)

Lather, rinse, repeat. OK, that cycle went the way of my hair some years back! But here’s a cycle that I still know by painful experience –  rebellion, rescue, repeat. As we saw Sunday in round 3 of THE Story, Rescue to Rebellion, that’s the story of Israel in the OT. Man, do we ever […]

THE Story round one!

Going into the first session of THE Story I had no idea what to expect. Like with the racial reconciliation celebration of January 15, I was blown away. People kept on coming in. Over sixty people (adults, teens, kids) attended and others have said they want to jump on board next week. Best of all, […]

A Glimpse into Restore’s Jan 15 Celebration

Wow, Sunday was a great day! Jesus was lifted up & the Spirit moved as we celebrated the power of the gospel to reconcile people back to the Father & to one another. The children & teens did a great job reciting Dr. King’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail, Wayne Stapleton of Grace Community Church […]

Interim Facility Secured!

Restore Church has secured use of a great facility located right in our community – yes, we are excited!  And we are very thankful for the people of Grace Episcopal Church (NW corner of Rosa Parks Blvd & Virginia Park St) graciously opening up their excellent building to us!  We are planning two different events. […]

The parking brake!

Yep, my first car was a Vette…ok, a Chevette. Driving home one night I noticed it was running more sluggish than usual. Climbing a hill was particularly difficult even with the gas pedal pegged. Then I realized I had my parking break on — I had been working against the very progress I was seeking. […]

OUCH! When Helping Hurts

Giving a buck to the guy on the corner. Blanketing a neighborhood with an ongoing cadence of quick hit mission teams. Constantly providing meals to the same people for years. To be sure all this is help…but often it is help that ultimately hurts. It’s like giving Tylenol for head pain to someone who has […]