THE Story round three! (& a quick hit to Philly)

Lather, rinse, repeat. OK, that cycle went the way of my hair some years back! But here’s a cycle that I still know by painful experience –  rebellion, rescue, repeat. As we saw Sunday in round 3 of THE Story, Rescue to Rebellion, that’s the story of Israel in the OT. Man, do we ever […]

THE Story round two!

As a young child I had Noah’s Ark themed bedsheets. Many nurseries are painted with animals on the ark. This is quite ironic, when you consider the catastrophic nature of the flood. It’s like having scenes from Hurricane Katrina on your child’s wall. And as one participant noted in Round 2 of THE Story, the […]

Interim Facility Secured!

Restore Church has secured use of a great facility located right in our community – yes, we are excited!  And we are very thankful for the people of Grace Episcopal Church (NW corner of Rosa Parks Blvd & Virginia Park St) graciously opening up their excellent building to us!  We are planning two different events. […]


While we are definitely not a building centered ministry, there is a beautiful old church less than a mile away that I dream about as a worship space & community center. Getting it would require the same power that divided the Red Sea! The place needs much work & would cost a lot to restore. […]

Video: Jesus builds His Church His way through average people like us!

To show & tell the gospel in 48202 in order to make disciple-making disciples – that’s what we are about at Restore. Of critical importance, then, is our understanding of the church. Namely, what is the church & how is it to function? One of the contributing influences in answering this question from Scripture has […]

The Greatest Story Ever Told

When we were at Soma School we heard the “Story of God”.  What a refreshing way to look at the Bible.  The Bible is a story and should be read as one.  The whole point of the Bible also is JESUS.  From Soma Web Site: For thousands of years, stories and oral traditions were the […]

Gathered Worship & Seattle Fellowship ~ Soma School: Day 6

The corporate gathering is not the point of the church but a punctuation & celebration of 24/7 gospel living. For that reason we were particularly excited to meet with the Tacoma missional communities this AM – what a celebration it was! Then with some new church planter friends from Missouri & San Francisco we enjoyed […]

Friday- Soma School — Saturday- Day of toil

Today I’m going to put up some pics of what we did and will give a tease about some blogging we will do next week.   We had breakfast with the Tildens this morning (wonderful egg mixture with mushrooms).  Went on a service project with them to a community garden.  This garden bounty is given […]

Get some rhythm ~ Some School: Day 3

We have much to process after another gospel packed day at Soma. We completed the walk thru The Story ending in Revelation with goose bumps & tears of joy.  In the afternoon we walked through the rhythms of life which provide opportunities to display & declare by the power of the Spirit the love of […]

What a day! Soma School: Day 2

Woke up 5/12 to a run up some backbreaking hills in Gig Harbor before rehydrating with coffee. Morning session was a continuation The Story through the end of the Old Testament. Then in the afternoon Jeff brought it on Gospel Identities & What Shapes the Church? Some powerful quotes: Whatever God commands He provides. Maybe […]