Jesus kicks Satan’s butt!

Behind the plexiglass at the counter of the coney island I frequent is a lot I can’t see. Likewise, behind the stuff that you see with your physical eyes in everyday life is a spiritual realm in which a battle is raging. Some people ignore it & others are obsessed with it. Urban missionaries will face […]

The Gospel is Unstoppable

Step into mission & the difficulties will come – relational problems, plans that don’t go quite right, closed hearts, demonic opposition, & persecution. The early church experienced these challenges as well, as we saw Sunday at Gordon Park in Acts 15 & 16. Thankfully they experienced what is true to this day, the gospel is unstoppable! […]

Satan’s Knockoffs, Gordon Park

Knockoff. “An imitation, a fake.” And the better the knockoff, the harder to detect, sometimes until it is too late. In this 3rd message in our Spiritual Warfare series we examine how Satan employs knockoff teachers, “Christians”, & community to destroy non-Christians & mess with Christians. The video stopped after the first point but my […]

Satan is a defeated enemy who sends goon after goon over the boards to destroy

Sunday we worshiped again at Gordon Park. Before the service I was reminded of the significance of this location by a man in attendance for the first time who told us he was shot there 5 times April 17, 1987. Praying, singing, & preaching the gospel there open air style has been beautiful & impactful, […]

Spiritual Warfare

“Today we are going to look at Spiritual Warfare…” “Kill whitey!” shouted someone from a car passing by Gordon Park. That’s how last week’s sermon began.  (I paid the guy $20 to help me with my introduction;) Actually it was kind of funny. There are haters everywhere. And God saves haters, which is who we all are […]