7 babies dedicated & 6 directions the Holy Spirit sends us

Yesterday we had the joy of dedicating 7 babies to the Lord (& 6 couples & an entire church fam to the mission of making them disciple making disciples)! What a huge joy & privilege! We also prayed for Nick Lee, our first intern, as he returns to Gordon Conwell for his last year of […]

Church Planting Sunday, meet some Restore partners via video, & Clete announcement!

WHY should we plant churches? WHAT steps can we take? Check out this message from Church Planting Sunday for answers to these questions. (The last part of the audio is missing.) You can also watch all 7 partner videos below. I also share Pastor Clete’s plan to go full time at Restore through GCM. Please […]

A War, Winner, & Walk + A tearful farewell!

If you’ve ever read Galatians 5:17, you know them’s fighting words. We are in a War. We don’t stand on the sidelines, but neither do we fight on our own. No! Through the Ultimate Winner we are to Walk in the Spirit. That’s a nice little phrase, but do you ever wonder what exactly that […]

Love, Hate, & Embrace

Listen here for a strong pastoral word on true love as Pastor Clete preaches on Love, Hate, & Embrace. If you are going to love, you have to be a hater! And biblical love is a verb, it is deliberate action that flows from a heart gripped by grace. What a needful message in an […]

The Transformative Power of Killing & Intoxication

Sanctification is not a spectator sport. We are called to get off the bench and pursue transformation. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit does the heavy lifting as we are increasingly changed into the image of Christ. Check out God Changing Us (Part 1) in our WHO IS HE? series to see how the Holy Spirit transforms […]

Wanna be drenched in God’s love?

Between the ditches of dead intellectualism & empty emotionalism is an authentic experience of knowing AND feeling God’s love for us in the Gospel. Check out this message if you want to know how the Holy Spirit positionally and personally drenches us with the Father’s love through Jesus. You’ll also hear about the incredible union […]

Holy Spirit series kick off!

It was a blast kicking off our new series on the Holy Spirit yesterday! In this message I give four reasons why we need this series. To avoid unbiblical extremes of strange fire & no fire. To be biblical – reformed & always being reformed. To pursue gospel-centrality – being Jesus-centered versus Spirit-led is a […]

Easter Sunday at The PO – 1 year anniversary of weekly worship services

Blown away. That’s how we feel about what God is doing by His grace for His glory at Restore Church in our community. Though we forgot to announce it (imagine that!), yesterday marked our one year anniversary of weekly worship services. No doubt due to the Easter surge, it was nonetheless fun, exciting & encouraging […]

Nooses for Chandeliers…

Nooses for chandeliers…you’ll have to listen to the intro to understand this line. Mark 15:21-39 is the shocking story of an execution that has a surprising ending. The video is only 30 minutes long, not because I set a personal record for brevity but because of technical difficulties. If you can read my chicken scratch […]

When the rooster crows

What. A. failure! I can’t believe I did that again! Loser! If you’ve ever had these thoughts, then this message on Christ’s faithfulness in the face of our failures is for you. While Peter was shamefully denying truth in the courtyard below, Christ was bolding confessing truth in Caiphus’s hall above. Because of the latter, […]